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There are no "bad" kids.

Parenting is hard.  Despite your best efforts your child may struggle emotionally and behaviorally.   This doesn't mean that your kid is bad and this doesn't mean that you are a failure as a parent – it just means that there is work to do.  I’m glad to be there to help parents and children do some of the heavy lifting it takes to regain happiness  and household peace.  You know that your child is worth it and so do I.  Contact me now for a free consultation.

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Portuguese Proverb

“You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation.”

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4010 Moorpark Ave #118,
San Jose, CA 95117


2945 Bell Road, Ste. 212
Auburn, CA 95603


Seattle, WA

(916) 829-7677

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