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You've likely come to this website because you or a loved one is currently struggling. You may be dealing with life pressures that seem insurmountable or mental health issues that are keeping you from living the life you want to live. Perhaps you are here because your child has been labeled the "bad" or "odd" kid. Maybe sometimes you look at your spouse and you feel like you are peering into the eyes of a stranger instead of your life partner. 

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Social Skills Groups

The Friends and Fun Club is a social skills group for girls ages 9 to 12.  Each group includes a topic and information on issues girls face everyday, like how to be a good friend, dealing with bullies, and handling peer pressure.  All groups include a fun activity, game, or craft to reinforce the lesson taught.  Girls and able to share their feelings and experiences in a safe environment while interacting with other girls in their peer group.  

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