Caroline Rains started her career serving others in the Health and Human Services Field since 2004.  After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Psychology, she began working with adults with developmental needs.  It was here that she first found her love in helping others find autonomy and living their lives to their fullest potential.  Caroline went on work with the geriatric population and disabled adults, where she helped seniors live independently for long as safely possible by connecting them with community services, monitoring their needs, and helping them define meaningful goals for themselves.

During her time working with seniors, Caroline realized her desire to acquire more skills so she could work in a more in-depth way with others.  This was when she made the decision to pursue her MA in Counseling Psychology with a Holistic Emphasis, while continuing to work full-time.  Following her graduation Caroline worked to perfect her skills working with children and families.  Caroline studied at the Process Therapy Institute. She worked at Chamberlain’s Children Center with foster youth, as well as Chamberlain’s Mental Health Services where she saw children and families in an out-patient program.  She also worked with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as other Developmental Issues through Bay Area Behavioral Connection as an in home behavior therapist and as a staff supervisor.  In addition, Caroline has worked with court-mandated domestic violence offenders in a group setting as well as teaching parenting classes through an agency named A Turning Point.  To further refine her expertise Caroline worked in private practice internships in the Cambrian area of San Jose where she taught Love and Logic© based parenting classes.

Caroline considers herself a “practical holistic therapist,” using what will be effective in meeting client’s on their life journey.  She uses techniques like mindfulness training, directive and non-directive play therapy, expressive arts therapy, and sandplay therapy.  Caroline works closely with parents, providing parenting coaching so parents can employ skills to make them feel confident in their interactions with their children.

Caroline loves seeing the unique spark in each child and working with families to learn what will make life easier for them.  Caroline works with a variety of emotional and behavior issues such as ASD, developmental disorders, learning disabilities, childhood depression and anxiety, ADHD, ODD, children with sensory disorder, amongst other things.  She has a great joy of working with children and teens of all ages, including toddlers and preschoolers.  Caroline is glad to work with LGBTQ families and children.

In an endeavor to better serve her clients, Caroline is beginning her EMDR training.  EMDR is a new, cutting edge therapy used to treat those with trauma and specific phobias.  She hopes to be certified by the start of 2017.

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